En raison des vacances, un ralentissement de service

Bonne Fête nationale!
Bonne Fête nationale!

After several major service outages, the STM has started giving more frequent updates about what is delaying metro users. Following suit, I have the follow service update:

Delays will be caused by a two week trip to Europe. It’ll be my first time back in since I arrived in Montreal 18 months ago so it’s all fairly frenetic. Brilliantly though, I start where I got the idea for this project and will be re-reading Lorànt Deutsch’s Metrome: l’histoire de France au rythme de métro parisien.

Alas there isn’t any time to spend in the Bib. Nat. All is not lost though as there’s a couple of days in London, which means time in the BL to see the popular reaction in Britain to Wolfe’s victory, Peel’s reforms, a silver-tongued Laurier, and, of course, Confederation

Until then, joyeux fêtes. D’autres messages suiveronts.

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